Sköna söndag. Ledig och är hemma o kollar ...

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Sköna söndag. Ledig och är hemma o kollar på tv.

Postat av: Ray Ban UK

Ray Ban Uk→ sunglasses are quite possibly the most iconic of all the sunglasses brands and are certainly one of the most popular. Many of the Ray Ban sunglasses including the Ray Ban Wayfarer and Ray Ban Aviators, have featured in many hit films ever since the 1950's such as Men in Black and Breakfast at Tiffany's.

2011-10-29 | 09:45:51
Postat av: Beats By Dre

Omega proved itself

as a company which stands for high precision of.

2012-01-17 | 03:44:02
Postat av: louboutin

The media research, rumors of the network, and not the truth, ChenXianMei has not been dismissed, but also still live in the original rented the house, and it is up to the media storm, also in the intervention of the media, and to be calm.

2012-03-18 | 16:57:45

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